Valves for gas turbines

Valves for gas turbines

Valves for gas turbines

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Gas turbines should operate efficiently, reliably and safely. The wide range of  xiongxiang valve's valves and services help in producing electricity in cleaner and more environmental manner.

Reliable valves and services for gas turbines

High capacity, accurate control and safety

The major challenges in power production, also in gas turbine power production are:

Fuel economy, what is the fuel cost per produced kWh, the lower the better.

Availability, the more the gas turbine power plant is in operation, more it produces. The unplanned shutdowns should be avoided.

Global warming, the environmental regulations concerning the emissions are getting tighter and tighter, putting also pressure to gas turbine technology.

Health and safety, always important when rotating machines.

High performance valves

Neles™ comprehensive valve offering provide for each type of gas turbine an ideal solution with butterfly valves for blow off application, blade air cooling application and for fuel gas trip valves application.

Neles butterfly valves provide high capacity with less pressure loss.

On the fuel gas control valves application, Neles control valves provide the highest rangeability and control accuracy.

All valves are capable of very fast stroking in case of trip situation.

Significant savings through high capacity

Our high performance butterfly valves with 2-shaft design and special disc shape offers an outstanding capacity, that provides a possibility to reduce pipeline diameter compared to single shaft designs.