Reliable flow control for the energy industry

Reliable flow control for the energy industry

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Reliable flow control for the energy industry

To achieve high process efficiency, it is important to select suitable and properly sized equipment for the right application. We know the energy industry. For 65 years, Valmet has been working to help future-proof business and protect assets in many sectors of the power generation market – from new emerging technologies, such as bioenergy, waste-to-energy and geothermal plants to other power plant areas like gas and steam turbines.

Our comprehensive line of reliable and environmentally compliant valves and pumps – purpose-built for uncompromising reliability – allows you to generate grid-compatible power at the highest availability and operational economy. Whether you need to reduce fugitive emissions, decrease noise and cavitation or meet tightening environmental regulations, you can depend on us.

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What it takes to keep the lights on

We’ve got you covered when it comes to safely and economically delivering power while meeting tightening environmental regulations. Our valves and pumps are designed to withstand demanding conditions and can handle corrosive and abrasive media. They are engineered for the full breadth of power generation applications, including control and on-off solutions, smart instrumentation, configuration, diagnostics and predictive maintenance tools, and ESD – all designed to protect the critical equipment in your facilities. We can help you size and select the right reliable and environmentally compliant valve for each specific process. We offer intelligent technology to give you critical information for shutdown, turnaround and safety decisions. And we provide all the commissioning and lifetime support you need to make sure your generating plant runs at the highest availability through its entire life cycle.

Delivering quality power with safety

We understand that flow control technology is critical to every energy facility. Our expert teams work closely with you to define success upfront and then continue to help you as you adapt to ever-changing regulations. As your partner, our aim is your plant’s profitable performance over its entire life. Whether you’re concerned with critical service or keeping down maintenance storage costs, we offer you experienced and timely solutions because for us, every detail matters. Decades of experience and dedication to delivering results guarantee you the highest degree of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. And our long-term customer support, determined problem-solving and a broad range of services give you the edge. Let’s work together to generate the highest grid-quality energy.